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Women make up half of new lawyers and a third of all lawyers.  To serve clients with the finest legal talent available, law firms must be able to attract and retain women. While the number of women rising to partnership and leadership is increasing, the pace of that growth is slow. With my assistance, your firm can create the environment, policies, and systems that encourage every woman to fulfill her potential, maximize her contributions to the firm and achieve her career ambitions.


  • Designing strategic women’s initiatives that produce positive results
  • Developing more transparent, objective and equitable systems for leadership succession, business development, client succession, and compensation decisions
  • Eliminating institutional and cultural barriers that cause women to leave
  • Building bridges between men and women in the firm
  • Addressing the work-life issues that create obstacles for everyone but especially for women 

Gender-related education

  • Programs and presentations on eliminating gender bias
  • Customized curricula for women’s leadership initiatives
  • “ASPIRE to Leadership” workshops that focus on topics related to leadership and career advancement skills, such as becoming politically savvy, finding champions, and self-advocacy


I provide coaching services for women and men. I coach women who want to acquire the insights, skills, strategies and support they need to advance in their careers and reach their leadership potential. I provide coaching for men who want to be more effective in working with women and supporting women’s career advancement.