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Mentoring plays a critical role in developing, retaining and advancing capable professionals. With my assistance, your firm can improve the frequency and quality of informal mentoring and create a mentoring culture. When informal mentoring is not sufficiently widespread, I can help you create formal programs that offer the benefits of mentoring relationships to all who want them.


  • Creating a culture where mentoring flourishes
  • Enhancing informal mentoring practices
  • Assessing and strengthening existing mentoring programs
  • Designing, coordinating, and measuring the impact of mentoring programs
  • Incorporating mentoring programs into retention initiatives, diversity initiatives, leadership programs, and succession planning

Mentoring Programs 

My philosophy is that it is better not to have a mentoring program at all than to start one that fails. My goal is to help clients design mentoring programs that will succeed and endure. For that reason, I do not offer “cookie-cutter” programs. My approach is to draw upon best practices and knowledge of what works, but to create customized mentoring programs that fit each firm’s particular culture, needs, and business goals.

Mentoring programs require clear and realistic objectives. In my approach, the program’s intended objectives drive its design. I work with program planners and firm leaders to determine mentoring needs and readiness, assess current and past mentoring efforts, and develop the best approaches to mentoring for the firm. If a firm desires to start or improve a mentoring program, I offer assistance with all types of mentoring programs, including traditional one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, reverse mentoring and distance mentoring.

Mentoring education

I provide workshops and seminars on all aspects of mentoring.  My programs are designed to help individuals be more effective mentors, find the mentors and champions they need, and engage in productive and meaningful mentoring relationships. They cover the skills and responsibilities that mentors and mentees need in the mentoring process, networking skills that expand mentoring possibiities, and mentoring across race, gender and generational differences. 


Coaching is an important element of mentoring. I am often retained to coach individuals who want to attract and work with mentors and sponsors, serve more effectively as mentors, and manage mentoring programs.