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I offer workshops and seminars on numerous leadership and management subjects. I realize that lawyers’ time is valuable and make every effort to maximize the learning experience in the time allotted.

My programs are customized to each client’s particular needs and circumstances. Workshops and seminars are highly interactive, tightly focused, and delivered with the goals of engaging participants in a practical, enjoyable, and worthwhile learning experience. Case studies, small group activities, discussion, and other participatory exercises form the core of each program. I provide course materials and workbooks, and assist clients who seek CLE certification for a program.

For clients who want to create proprietary training courses for their lawyers, I develop educational curricula and programs, including course materials and teaching manuals, and I conduct “train the trainer” sessions to prepare lawyers in the firm to serve as faculty for programs.

For specific workshop topics, see the web pages for

  • Women and leadership
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Talent Management