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Practical, cost-effective, sustainable solutions

I am committed to helping clients achieve their business objectives.  I work closely with clients to identify and analyze the challenges they face and then craft practical, sustainable, cost-effective solutions. By treating clients as partners in the process, I get to know them well. That way my advice is consistent with the client’s unique culture, values and strategic goals.

Whether resolving a problem, starting a new initiative, or improving existing practices, my approach is to:

  • Understand and define the client’s needs and objectives
  • Study, define and frame the issues presented
  • Develop the most appropriate ways to meet the intended objectives
  • Provide recommendations, including suggested courses of action
  • Generate firm wide support for the client’s chosen strategies and programs
  • Support implementation
  • Assess outcomes

I recognize that my clients’ time is valuable, so I work as expeditiously as possible. I also know that lawyers work under intense demands that often interfere with their responsibility to manage others. So my recommendations focus on:

  • Clearly defined and measurable objectives
  • Efficient use of time and other resources
  • Flexible designs that require minimal structure
  • Acquisition of necessary skills
  • Adequate leadership and administrative support
  • Feasibility and likelihood of success