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I offer leadership-focused coaching services that help people clarify, set and achieve personal and professional goals. Coaching prepares them for leadership and supports them in leadership roles. It is especially beneficial for helping leaders increase their effectiveness.  Coaching is also valuable for individuals who are assuming new responsibilities, want to improve their business development efforts, or are thinking of making a career transition.

Most of my coaching clients are individuals who:

  • Have been identified by their firm as future leaders
  • Are currently in or about to assume leadership roles
  • Are expanding their leadership or management responsibilities
  • Want to improve their business development efforts
  • Are transitioning out of leadership
  • Want to improve their leadership or management skills
  • Need to be more effective members of a leadership team

Because every individual is unique, I tailor the coaching process to each person’s needs and aspirations. I help individuals identify and set goals, priorities and indicia of success so that we can measure progress over time. If a firm initiates the engagement, we ascertain and align the expectations of both the firm and the individual at the outset. All coaching sessions are confidential.