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Why Choose Ida Abbott Consulting?

Ida Abbott understands the challenges and complexities that law firms face today. Firms operate in a highly competitive and uncertain environment that makes effective management more important and more difficult. That is why Ida is committed to helping clients develop management strategies, skills and programs that will help them thrive and endure.

Since 1995, Ida has worked with dozens of law firms and countless lawyers in the U.S. and abroad. She has also worked with health care organizations, accounting firms, consulting firms, universities, and corporations. This has given her extensive knowledge of best practices in many professional settings that she can apply to achieve optimum results for her clients. Ida's books and resources have become the standard texts in their fields, and in many cases, she has helped clients create what have become best practices in the legal industry. This unique perspective and expertise allow her to offer clients customized advice based on a strong foundation of knowledge and experience.

Ida also recognizes the importance and value of innovation. Law firms can no longer rely on the management practices and policies that served them well in the past. Nor can they rely on outdated assumptions about the market, their clients, and the lawyers they employ. To be sure, change is difficult and risky – but in today’s world, failing to change is even riskier. Firms must find creative ways to succeed. So Ida takes an approach that emphasizes both best current practices and sensible, carefully considered innovations.