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This Roundtable is a forum and business network for women lawyers who are office or firm-wide managing partners, serve on the highest governance committee, lead practice groups, or hold other top leadership positions in their firms. Our members include women who are leaders in local and statewide legal organizations as well as in their firms, and who have been honored for their leadership in the legal profession. 

The Women Leaders Roundtable meets 4 times a year. At least one of the four meetings includes outside experts or General Counsel on subjects related to management and leadership, and many of our sessions qualify for CLE credit. The topics we cover vary widely and are determined by the interests of Roundtable members. Here are some examples:

  • Outside experts presented CLE programs on two important and timely subjects, cybersecurity and mindfulness.
  • We addressed law firm management issues such as criteria and considerations for equity partnership, and how to deal with underperforming lawyers.
  • We discussed changing work and communication patterns among lawyers, with experts addressing two particular aspects of this subject, culture change and space design. 
  • An accountant covered key aspects of law firm economics. 
  • We explored the impact and implications of Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In, in law firms, and also discussed the impact of the Ellen Pao trial on gender discrimination claims against law firms.
  • We looked at how leaders handle difficult negotiations with clients and the firm.
  • An expert presented strategies and facilitated a discussion of succession planning for law firm leadership. 
  • We explored how to motivate lawyers with a psychologist who specializes in motivation.
  • We reviewed Richard Susskind's book, Tomorrow's Lawyers, and discussed how legal careers are changing and the impact it will have on law firm personnel.

In every case, members decide what the topics will be and I facilitate the discussion, arrange for outside experts and guests, and provide pertinent resources. During the year, I also serve as an advisor to members on many leadership and management issues. 

The Roundtable meets in San Francisco, though members come from Los Angeles, San Diego, and all over the Bay Area. Web conferencing is available for women who cannot attend in person. 

The immense value of this group as a source of shared information, support and business relationships continues to grow every year. The expertise and engagement of our members, plus the limited size of the group, create a rich learning experience that yields immediate rewards for Roundtable members and their firms. 

For further information and a membership form, please contact us.