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WA State Bar's MentorLink program has posted a 90-minute video in which I discuss with Tim Jaasko-Fisher many aspects of mentoring. The information is relevant and valuable for individuals and programs.

Transforming Women's Leadership, an initiative of Thomson Reuters Legal and Executive Institute, interviewed me about how Breakfasts for Champions, based on my book, Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know, help create a safe place for men and women to discuss gender imbalance in the legal profession. You can read the interview here.

Sara Holtz, an expert who has taught and coached countless successful women rainmakers and leaders about business development, now hosts a podcast series called "Advice to My Younger Self." Sara interviewed me for one of these podcasts. You can listen here to our discussion about “Why you need mentors and sponsors."

CPA Trendlines has been publishing excerpts from my book, Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know. Women's career advancement and sponsorship are of concern to accounting and other professionals, not just lawyers. If you have friends and business contacts in accounting, send them the link to CPA Trendlines and let them know.

Don Hutcheson produces a podcast series entitled “Discover Your Talent–Do What You Love,” which features stories about how people in various fields discovered their true talents and used them to enjoy successful, happy lives. The series also includes interviews with experts who offer insights and advice to help others do the same. Don interviewed me about why women need more than mentors to get ahead. You can listen to the interview, "More Than Just a Mentor, Women Need a Champion," at ‪ or on itunes here.

In “Trends and Innovations Boosting Diversity in the Law and Beyond,” published in Law Practice Today on March 14, 2016, author Caren Stacey featured Breakfast for Champions at length, as an effective way to engage white men in diversity efforts.

Feminenglish Part V: Remedies for Lousy Communication is part of a series by Pam Woldow and Doug Richardson on improving communication between women and men. They quote me in this most recent series entry, published March 29, 2016. Read this entry and the other four!

I was honored to be featured in the 2015 Catalyst Grand Prize winning video "Take a Little Action." Created by Caren Ulrich Stacy and Steve Gluckman, the video features my Breakfast for Champions as a "little action" that has a big impact in getting men to be part of the solution to gender inequality.

link to Take A Little Action video

I was interviewed as a Trusted Advisor to the Professional Development Consortium in “Get to Know Your Trusted Advisors, PDC Linkletter, Fall 2014

 “Advancing Women in the Law – An Interview on the Value of Sponsorship.”

In an interview with Heidi Alexander about my book, Sponsoring Women, I explain the importance and dynamics of mentorship and sponsorship, and provide advice on how to build and utilize those relationships for career success. Heidi is with the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, which hosted the interview. You can listen to the interview here. December 2014

The Association of Legal Administrators interviewed me about why and how to engage men in advancing women. You can listen to the podcast here. September 2014.

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