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Employers want to have a workplace where lawyers learn, thrive, and produce great results. Management Solutions® highlights current issues and innovative practices derived from my consulting work with law firms and other professional services organizations. It contains important developments and resources in lawyer management, development, and retention, and presents practical solutions to concerns voiced by lawyers and their employers.

Issue 44, Winter 2017

The start of every new year brings with it new possibilities. Longstanding activities can be enhanced or changed and new opportunities abound. This is an exciting time for me professionally, with ongoing projects and one brand new venture keeping me busy and engaged.

Issue 43, Spring 2016

This issue of Management Solutions presents recent articles I have written and interviews, podcasts and other resources that explain how to promote mentorship, sponsorship networking and communications across gender and other differences. We also note four upcoming conferences and programs about mentoring and women’s advancement that you might want to attend.

Issue 42, Fall 2015

Issue 41, Spring 2015

Issue 40, Fall 2014

Issue 39, Summer 2014

Issue 38, Winter 2014

Issue 37, Fall 2013

Issue 36, Spring 2013

Issue 35, Winter 2012

Issue 34, Fall 2012

Issue 33, Fall 2011

Issue 32, Summer 2011

  • WILEF Gold Standard Certification
  • Wonder where your future partners will come from? Don't look at young men.
  • Law Without Walls
  • Fenwick starts a FLEXible client service model
  • Do It Yourself Business Network

Issue 31, Winter 2011

  • Beyond Mentors: The Need for Champions
  • A More Strategic Women’s Initiative
  • Bar Association of San Francisco Study of Partners of Color
  • The Newest State Bar Mentoring Program for New Lawyers

Issue 30, Fall 2010

  • Women's Advancement Requires A Few Good Men
  • How Two Firms Are Proving Their Commitment to Diversity
  • 2010 InnovAction Awards

Issue 29, Spring 2010

  • My new book: Women on Top: The Woman's Guide to Leadership and Power in Law Firms
  • CLE opportunity – Elimination of Bias
  • Re-imagining leadership competencies
  • Three specialized leadership programs

Issue 28, Winter 2010

  • PD Roundtable for Global Law Firms
  • Hastings Leadership Academy for Women
  • Three Trends to Watch
  • State Bar Mentoring Programs on the Rise
  • Moving Away from Early Specialization

Issue 27, Fall 2009

  • Hastings Leadership Academy for Women
  • Ins and Outs of Lockstep
  • Challenging Assumptions About How Lawyers Work

Issue 26, Summer 2009

  • At Last: A Move To Flexible Career Tracks
  • Message to First Year Associates: Come to Work and Learn
  • On the International Scene: Changes to Watch
  • Networking and Motherhood Go Together
  • The Austin Manifesto

Issue 25, Spring 2009

  • Professional Development Roundtable for Global Law Firms
  • The Importance of Mentoring in Turbulent Times
  • Real World Education for Law Students and Associates

Issue 24, Winter 2009

  • Looking at Lawyers' Work Through Clients' Eyes
  • Global Conference Calls

Issue 23, Summer 2008

  • Roundtable on Professional Development for Global Firms
  • Going Global: Enhancing Lawyers’ Cultural Competence
  • InnovAction Awards

Issue 22, Spring 2008

  • Hastings Leadership Academy for Women
  • Transitioning Clients
  • Speed Mentoring: A Misleading Misnomer

Issue 21, Winter 2008

  • Hastings Leadership Academy for Women
  • Taking the Lead
  • The Importance of Informal Mentoring

Issue 20, Fall 2007

  • The Rules of Engagement
  • Law Practice Management in Australia
  • The 2008 Hastings Leadership Academy for Women

Issue 19, Summer 2007

  • True or False: You Are What You Bill
  • New Approaches to Time and Performance
  • InnovAction Award Winners

Issue 18, Spring 2007

  • Welcome to the Revolution
  • Best Practices in Associate Retention
  • 2007 InnovAction Awards

Issue 17, Winter 2007

  • The Hastings Leadership Academy for Women
  • Best Practices
    - Preparing Lawyers for Global Practice
    - Proving the Value of Mentoring
  • Update on "Opting Back In and Forging Ahead"

Issue 16, Fall 2006

  • Women in Law: Off-Ramps and On-Ramps on the Road to Success
  • Law Firms That Support Fathers and Mothers
  • Law Firms Form Strategic Alliances to Promote Diversity
  • InnovAction: New Online Journal
  • Calls for Nomination for Awards

Issue 15, Summer 2006

  • Diversity in Global Law Firms: Developing a Global Mindset
  • Mentoring Groups and Mentoring Circles: The Need for Careful Planning
  • Case Study: Bridging Cultural Differences

Issue 14, Spring 2006

  • Law Firm Mergers: The Role of Professional Development Leaders
  • Case Study: Acquiring a Group of Lawyers
  • Mentor-Mentee Match-Making

Issue 13, Winter 2006

  • Evaluating Mentoring Programs
  • Case Study: Bar Association of San Francisco Diversity Goals and Timetables
  • The Growing Importance of Employer Flexibility

Issue 12, Fall 2005

  • Starting a Women's Initiative
  • Case Study: Responding to Poor Associate Satisfaction Survey Results
  • Practice Tip: In Mentoring Programs, One Size Does Not Fit All
  • VIP Mentors

Issue 11, Summer 2005

  • Leadership Development Initiative for New Partners
  • Case Study: Coaching a New Professional Development Director
  • Build on Summer Mentoring Success to Improve Recruitment and Retention

Issue 10, Spring 2005

  • Mentoring Programs for Minority Lawyers
  • Case Study: Retain Associates Through Appropriate Assignments

Issue 9, Winter 2005

  • Predictions for 2005
  • Case Study: Improving Cross-Gender Communication
  • Cost of Losing Associates

Issue 8, Fall 2004

  • Eight Cost-Effective Ways to Promote Lawyers' Development in Mid-Sized and Small Firms (and Practice Groups)
  • Case Study: Using Appreciative Inquiry

Issue 7, Summer 2004

  • Creating a Professional Development Plan
  • Case Study: To Find the Right Solution, Identify the Real Problem
  • Evaluating Training

Issue 6, April 2004

  • Individual Development Plans: Identifying Goals
  • Case Study: Stemming the Loss of Women Partners

Issue 5, January 2004

  • Mentoring Across Differences: A Guide to
    Cross-Gender and Cross-Race Mentoring

Issue 4, October 2003

  • Associate Retention: An Ongoing Problem
  • Being "Green": How one firm's sustainability initiative is protecting the environment, saving money, developing new business, and enhancing firm morale
  • Management Tip: Welcoming New Lawyers into the Firm

Issue 3, August 2003

  • Spotlight on Feedback
  • Improving Performance Through Coaching: Two Case Studies
  • Management Tip: Using self-assessments in the performance review process
  • Training Innovations

Issue 2, April 2003

  • Improving Performance
  • Spotlight on Mentoring
  • Solving Management Problems: Using an Outside Consultant to Deal with a Difficult Client - A Case Study

Issue 1, January 2003

  • Helpful Diagnostic Tools:
  • Succession Planning: Do It Now!
  • Solving Management Problems: Restoring Morale Among the Highest Producers - A Case Study
  • Spotlight on Innovative Practices