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This book explains what law firms must do to retain talented women lawyers and help them become the effective leaders firms need them to be. This book also spells out what women must do if they want to become law firm leaders. It emphasizes the importance of women taking control of their careers—and shows them how to do it. The book examines the unique challenges that leadership presents for women; describes how law firm politics, structure, and culture affect leadership; and the leadership paths women can choose within that context. 

  • Guides women lawyers who are currently leaders or might want to become leaders in law firms
  • Focuses on lawyers, law firm leaders, and professional development personnel involved in diversity initiatives

West Publishing named Women on Top: The Woman’s Guide to Leadership and Power in Law Firms one of their best selling new books of 2010.

Jamie Spannhake, co-chair of the ABA’s Women Rainmakers, wrote a review of the Women on Top for Law Practice Today

"This book is a reference book of unmatched quality. This book is a “must read” for both men and women in law who think they have it right when it comes to leadership generally and more specifically leadership for women in law. My advice: Read it, digest it and then embrace it!"  – Betiayn Tursi