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Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know

Ida Abbott speaks directly to men in this timely new book designed to arm them with the tools and perspective they will need to usher professional women into the top ranks of their firms. She tackles and finishes off all the tough issues: the appearance of impropriety, confusion about the nature of the relationship, management communications, spouses. But she also clearly describes what is to be done, step-by-step.

The perfect gift for your mentor, supervisor, managing partner, general counsel — or someone you wish would sponsor you! Coming in January 2014.

“Women need the sponsorship of men, and men owe it to women, not because men are to blame but because they are in control. Otherwise they limit their firms’ potential for top performance, growth and innovation.”
— Ida O. Abbott, J.D.

“While Ida Abbott’s thoughtful book provides a framework to understand the complexities, it is above all a practical book, providing tools that will be useful to managers — men and women — who recognize that advancement and retention of women will benefit their organizations. Helpful to anyone who cares about the issue and is in a position to do something about it.”
— Jorge A. del Calvo, Partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman

Table of Contents

Part I: Why Sponsoring Women for Leadership Matters

  •  Why Organizations Need More Women Leaders
  • Sponsorship Is More than Mentorship
  • Sponsorship Is Essential for Women to Advance
  • Why a Man Might Not Pick a Woman as a Protégée


Part II: How Men Can Successfully Sponsor Women for Leadership

  • Establishing a Sponsor-Protégée Relationship
  • Essential Elements of Sponsorship
  • How to Effectively Sponsor a Woman


Part III: Dealing with Feedback, Flexible Schedules, Parenting Leave,

  • Family Obligations and Concerns About Sex
  • Giving Your Protégée Feedback
  • Dealing with Flexible Schedules, Parenting Leave and Family Obligations
  • Concerns Related to Sex