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The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring - Ida Abbott

The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring is directed to every lawyer interested in being a mentor or having a mentor – and to every law office wishing to make mentoring available in the workplace. It unlocks the secrets to finding multiple mentoring relationships that support professional development and success at all stages of a career. The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring takes readers step by step through the benefits and dynamics of a successful mentoring relationship, explaining how to start and maintain a mentoring program – and how an individual lawyer can start and maintain a mentoring friendship.

The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring was sponsored by the New York Women's Bar Association Foundation.

Reviews of The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring

"The Guide is a valuable book — informative, sensibly organized, and well-written — on a subject that's vital to lawyers, law firms and legal departments. I consider it must reading for anyone interested in mentoring."
- James C. Freund, New York Law Journal

"Although this book was written for the legal profession, the checklists provided, the clarity of the ideas as well as the scope of the topics make this book applicable to a much wider audience. If you are considering establishing an effective mentoring program in a professional firm such as engineering, accounting, insurance, finance, science, medicine, or technology, this book can easily be the only reference you will need."
- From Peer Resources

"This book is 'a bible' for those committed to mentoring for women and minority attorneys."
- James P. Hargarten, San Francisco Attorney Magazine

"All in all, The Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring is a must read for any firm looking for new ways to increase associate retention and strengthen the law firm."
- Hazel Johnson, Law Practice Management

"It would be difficult to come away from reading this book without a deep appreciation of the interconnectedness of professional success and personal fulfillment that are fostered by the mentoring process. The Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring should be required reading in every legal workplace by lawyers and managers alike."
- Norma Piatt, The Bottom Line