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A new book edited by Ramit Singh and published in India, Managing Your Legal Organisation: Global Insights (Magic Lawyers, New Delhi) 2017, includes a chapter I contributed on "Modernizing Mentoring." The book is available on Amazon.


John Buchanan kindly listed me a key resource on gender diversity in his excellent article, "Diversity as a Differentiator in the Legal Profession," in the August 2017 issue of Marketing the Law Firm.

Mary Kate Sheridan wrote a fine article on Modern Mentoring: How to Create Effective Mentoring Programs for Today’s Law Firm, published in the March 2017 issue of Legal Management. Much of it features my comments and suggestions.

My article about retirement planning by law firms, Your Boomer Retirement Problem Won’t Just Fade Away, appeared in on February 28, 2017. A day later Robert Denney published it as a Communique, saying "Of all that has been written and spoken about succession planning, I consider the following the most intelligent and constructive discussion of this sensitive issue."

Mary Kate Sheridan wrote an excellent piece called "Modern Mentoring" in the March 2017 issue of the ALA's Legal Management Magazine. (Subscription required) I appreciate her featuring me as a resource for the article. 

I contributed a chapter on "Gender Balance: Winning the Battle to Retain Women at Mid and Senior Levels in Law Firms" in the forthcoming book, Recruiting and Retaining Lawyers: Innovative Strategies to Attract, Develop and Retain Legal Talent, edited by Rebecca Normand-Hochman on behalf of the International Bar Association. The book will be published by Globe Law and Business in February, but you can read about and pre-order it here


"Innovation in Supporting Excellence – From Mentoring to Sponsorship, Coaching and Beyond" is the chapter I co-authored with Jessica Natkin in the newly published Innovating Talent Management in Law Firms, Terri Mottershead, General Editor. The book is available in the NALP bookstore.


Come In and Make Yourself Uncomfortable, in Law Practice Today, published by the Law Practice Division of the ABA, March 15, 2016, discusses why and how to overcome any discomfort women and men may feel in order to form sponsor-protégée relationships.

Networking with Men: A Key to Career Success, in The Docket, published by the Denver Bar Association, February 29, 2016, discusses why and how women must network with men.

Breaking down barriers to mentoring across differences describes how I overcame significant cultural differences in the mentoring work I am doing in Istanbul with lawyers from the Middle East.

How Does a Lawyer Find a Sponsor?, Sept. 15, 2015

An excerpt from Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know was posted as a “Thursday Thinkpiece” on the legal blog  SLAW. January 21, 2015.

My article, “Beyond Mentoring: Why Sponsoring Women for Leadership Matters,” was published by CPA Trendlines, posted March 3, 2015 

My article, “Your Old Guard Is Leaving: Are Your New Leaders Ready?” appeared in Peer Bulletin, November 4, 2014

I was one of the experts Mary Kate Sheridan highlights in her article “Tailored Training: Five Professional Development Tips for Each Attorney Stage,” published in Legal Management, February 5, 2015.   

Debra Michals, “Upward Bound,” Smith Alumnae Quarterly, Fall 2014, discusses how mentors give women a power boost in the workplace. 

Upward Bound

Thomas L. Sager and Bonnie Mayfield, “Tangible Results Speak Louder Than Well-Intentioned Inclusion Words,” For The Defense, August 2014, discusses the importance of mentors and sponsors in advancing women and women of color into leadership. 

Tangible Results Speak Louder Than Well-Intentioned Inclusion Words

"Sponsoring Over Mentoring: Go the Extra Distance." Wendy Werner's Career Steps column focuses on the importance of sponsorship in the Sept/Oct issue of Law Practice.

Sponsoring Over Mentoring: Go the Extra Distance

I contributed a chapter on "Men - The Key to Advancing Women" in a new publication, Breaking Barriers: Promoting and Retaining Women in the Legal Profession, published by Ark Group in association with Managing Partner, 2014. You can read about and order the full report here. The chapter is available for download here:

My article Achieving Gender Balance Depends on Men” was published in the July 2014 NALP Bulletin. The article argues that solving the persistent problem of gender imbalance at partner and leadership levels should be reframed as a strategic, high priority business objective and that women’s initiatives should welcome men and make them part of a firmwide team effort to achieve that objective. NALP has kindly granted permission to make the article available here. 

Read Susan Smith Blakely’s review of Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know at and

Jamie Jackson Spannhake wrote an article about Professional Development Coaches. I was one of the coaches she featured. “Get the Career You Want with a Professional Development Coach,” Connecticut Lawyer, July/August 2014  

In response to recent articles and books that minimize the importance of mentors in favor of sponsors, my article "Turn Your Mentors Into Sponsors" in The Glass Hammer explains that women need both and how mentors are the best and likeliest source of sponsors. 

“Turn your Mentors Into Sponsors,” The Glass Hammer, Feb 2014.

My articles about sponsorship are featured on the International Bar Association Law Firm Management Committee Toolkit,

“Sponsors Are the New Mentors, Especially for Women,”, January 2014.

“Sponsor a Woman: Four Steps to Get Started,” Men Advocating Real Change, Jan 2014

My article “Beyond Mentors: The Need for Champions,” appeared in the “2013 Women in Law” issue of Attorney at Law Magazine, Law Vegas Edition, Volume 2, Issue 1, December 2012.

I was recently featured in an article for the Inns of Court: John P. Cannizzaro, “The Power of Mentoring,” The Bencher, March/April 2013.

My book, Lawyers’ Professional Development: The Legal Employer’s Comprehensive Guide, 2nd Edition, was reviewed in the December 2012 issue of the NALP Bulletin. (Subscription required)

The Peer Bulletin, November 2012. Reprint of my article about coaching, mentoring, sponsorship that appeared in a previous issue of Management Solutions. The article is an excerpt from my new book, 2nd edition of Lawyers’ Professional Development: The Legal Employer’s Comprehensive Guide. The Peer Bulletin is published by Peer Resources Network, which specializes in the development of peer, coach and mentor programs. 

I was featured in article in the Wall Street Journal about the increased number of women in law and medicine. 

Article in The Glass Hammer by Jacey Fortin featuring her interview of me about the importance of women mentoring men.

ABA Woman Advocate, Winter Newsletter (subscription required), August 23, 2012
Reprinted from Management Solutions, Winter 2011

Co-authored with Gaye Mara, PD Quarterly November 2011

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InsideLegal Thought Leaders Digest: COLPM Issue, Volume 1, October 2011

Download Issue in PDF format 

Lex Mundi, Global Opportunities for Advancement and Leadership for Women in the Legal Profession.

Download in PDF format
The Woman Advocate, ABA Litigation Section
Read it online (subscription needed)
Law Firm Partnership & Benefits Reports, Volume 15, Number 9, November 2009
The Complete Lawyer, Volume 4, Number 6
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National Magazine, September 2008
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ABA e-newsletter, June 2008
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Law Firm Partnership and Benefits Report, June 2007;
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NALP Bulletin, April 2007
Diversity & The Bar Magazine, November/December 2006;
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Diversity & The Bar Magazine, September/October 2006;
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Diversity & The Bar Magazine, July/August 2006;
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Diversity & The Bar Magazine, Minority Corporate Counsel Association, May/June 2006;
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Women in Law Newsletter, Issue No. 5

Diversity & The Bar Magazine, Minority Corporate Counsel Association, January/February 2006;
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Peer Bulletin No. 143 (August 1, 2006)

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