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Today more than ever before, lawyers are striving to harmonize heavy work demands with a desire for personal and family time. To attract and retain capable and committed lawyers, firms must respond to these work-life dilemmas by demonstrating flexibility and creativity. I help clients fashion sensible yet innovative policies and programs that achieve their strategic business objectives while addressing lawyers’ work-life concerns. Flexibility may take many forms, including part-time or reduced hour work, non-partnership career tracks, extended leaves, off- and on-ramping, job sharing, and telecommuting or working remotely.


  • Creating systems that support work schedule and career flexibility from a lawyer’s entry into practice through retirement
  • Ensuring feasibility and mutual accountability in flexible work arrangements
  • Developing “off-ramps” and “on-ramps“ that enable lawyers to leave practice for a time and then return 
  • Creating support networks and resources for parents and family caregivers


  • Working together when team members work on flexible schedules
  • Managing teams with members who work flexible schedules
  • Supervising lawyers who work flexible or reduced schedules 
  • Remaining a valued lawyer while working on a flexible or reduced schedule or while out on leave
  • Recognizing and eliminating bias against lawyers who work reduced hours or on non-traditional career tracks


I offer coaching to individuals and teams designed to facilitate their success in working with flexible arrangements.