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In today’s intensely competitive environment, a firm’s greatest source of competitive advantage is the quality, drive and overall effectiveness of its lawyers. This makes professional development and retention especially important aspects of talent management. In order to attract, cultivate, and retain the best talent, firms must provide

  • Stimulating work
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Guidance and feedback
  • Clear career paths and options
  • Opportunities for growth and advancement

In a rapidly changing and uncertain economy, developing and retaining talent poses significant challenges. Firms need to find innovative ways to train, utilize and promote junior lawyers; create new models of practice and help experienced lawyers adapt to them; and inspire and engage professionals of different generations with different interests, motivators and perspectives. Firms with international offices have the extra challenges presented by a widely dispersed and culturally diverse workforce.

I help clients address and master these challenges by helping them find practical, cost-effective strategies and solutions, and by preparing individuals to be more effective managers and developers of legal talent.


  • Assessing current talent management systems and needs
  • Creating new approaches to lawyer training and development
  • Designing new professional development positions and departments
  • Advising partners and directors in charge of professional development
  • Integrating professional development systems in merging firms
  • Building competency-based evaluation and promotion systems
  • Enhancing lifelong learning and career development for lawyers


I coach and advise professional development partners, directors and teams who want to be as effective as possible in leading professional development functions.