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Lawyers are high achievers with superior cognitive and technical intelligence, but those strengths do not always translate into good management. I help firms create workplace systems and environments that bring out the best in people, keep them engaged, maintain high morale, reduce unwanted attrition, increase productivity and lead to a healthier bottom line. By making lawyers better people managers, I help individuals, teams, and firms reach and sustain high levels of performance and satisfaction.


Some of my clients are firms that are well managed and thriving but want to be even better. Other firms engage me when management has been unsuccessful in resolving problems like high attrition, low morale, poor teamwork, unhealthy workplace dynamics, or dysfunctional teams. Whatever the situation, I help my clients clarify the issues, determine the goals and create practical, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

My consulting services include: 

  • Stemming unwanted attrition and developing retention strategies
  • Creating comprehensive talent management systems
  • Managing gender and generational differences
  • Succession planning 
  • Creating unbiased evaluation systems
  • Reducing and managing workplace conflict

Management education

  • Developing trust
  • Managing client teams
  • Delegation and supervision
  • Feedback and evaluations
  • Goal setting and coaching 
  • Managing flexible work arrangements
  • Building social capital
  • Strategic career planning


I coach individuals who want to strengthen, expand, or improve their performance and behavior as managers. I also coach people who are responsible for professional development and are new to the role or desire to be more effective.