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Your firm’s future depends on the leaders you develop today. To endure in a fiercely competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, your firm must have the best possible leaders in place today and those leaders must be prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow. I help clients ensure that current and future firm leaders possess the knowledge, skills, and support required to lead. I design leadership programs that align leadership needs with strategic business goals and that are practical, cost-effective and sustainable over time.


  • Leadership development initiatives
  • Gender-focused leadership programs
  • Selecting, orienting and preparing new partners 
  • Leadership–focused mentoring and coaching programs
  • Leadership needs assessments
  • Leadership competencies
  • Succession planning and client transition
  • Leadership retreats and conferences

Leadership education

  • Curriculum design for in-house leadership programs 
  • Programs and presentations on leadership skills
  • Workshops on transitioning to leadership
  • Seminars on strategic career planning


I provide coaching that gives leaders and potential leaders the guidance, strategies, skills and support they need to perform at their highest levels, achieve their personal career goals, and lead others most effectively.